Robert Southey - Hopes of Wales

6th June, 2016

6 Fehefin, 2016

Starts | Dechrau: 12:00pm

Ends | Diwedd: 13:30pm

Cafe conversation

Sgwrs caffi

Rock and Fountain

Ynysgollen/Glynneath Rd, Aberdulais, Neath SA10 8HN


Festival founder Richard Parry meets with Robert Southey expert Robert King over a pub lunch to find out more about the life of Robert Southey.

The radical Southey hoped to settle in the Neath Valley in 1802, but local land owners made it difficult for him. in 1794 he and Coleridge had dreamed up a new egalitarian movement called Pantisocracy that they hoped to implement in America. But by the turn of the century some of the radicals were looking towards Wales and Southey and Coleridge were in contact with Iolo Morganwg.

Drop in to the Rock and Fountain pub in Aberdulais to find out more.

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