Wye Wanderings - Chepstow to Hay

22nd May, 2016 - 28th May, 2016

22 Fai, 2016 - 28 Fai, 2016

All day

Trwy'r dydd

Mixed activity event

Digwyddiad gweithgarwch cymysg

Chepstow to Hay-on-Wye

Along the Wye Valley, NP16 6SE



Ardal Cas-gwent - Y Gelli Gandryll

In April 1795 Coleridge and poet Robert Southey came to Chepstow and Tintern with the Fricker sisters. Three years later Coleridge traveled up the Wye again, this time with Dorothy and William Wordsworth, to Llyswen just past Hay-on-Wye.

Join the Coleridge in Wales festival as it travels upstream from Chepstow Sunday 22nd May to Llyswen on Saturday 28th May, passing through and unpacking in Tintern Abbey, Monmouth and the Hay Festival.

Sunday May 22nd
Coleridge, Southey & Fricker Sisters
We'll be visiting the Beaufort Arms Hotel – which is where Coleridge, Southey, Fricker sisters and Cottle dined and had the famous argument…

Monday May 23rd
Walk to Piercefield Park

Tuesday May 24th
Tintern and Tintern Abbey

Walking in the footsteps of Coleridge to Tintern!
Coleridge and his party spent so long delighting in Piercefield on their walk to Tintern that night fell and they were temporarily lost. Discover their dilemma and how they got to Tintern in the end… We will follow in their footsteps – not in the dark!

Celebrating Coleridge in Tintern
A multi-media portrait of Coleridge, Romantic poet and philosopher, whose radical ideas helped to revolutionise British cultural life - and to promote the virtues of walking. Presented by Professor John Clarke with Steve Eddy (reader), Claire Hamilton (harp) and Vanessa Dodd (visuals). Organised by the Tintern Philosophy Circle.

Torchlight tour of Tintern Abbey
In the late 18th century it was popular for tourists to visit the Abbey by moonlight, and by torchlight, intensifying the experience of visiting the gothic ruins. Coleridge visited by torchlight in 1795. This tour is led by Dr David Robinson, author of the Tintern Abbey Guidebook, architectural historian with a particular interest in the buildings of the Middle Ages and in the people connected with these sometimes iconic structures. He has published many books and articles on the built heritage of Wales. (formerly with Cadw and English Heritage)

Wednesday May 25th - Monmouth
Spin, lies and deception:Coleridge’s triumph on Malta
Talk by Barry Hough, 7.30pm at the Shire Hall, Tickets £4

Thursday May 26th
journey to Pandy

Friday May 27th
Walk: Pandy to Hay with environmentalist, writer and adventurer Elsa Hammond. Part of the Hay Festival 2016

Talk: Coleridge in Wales with Richard Parry & Dr Douglas Hedley. Part of the Hay Festival 2016

Saturday May 28th
Breakfast, walk and talk: Wordsworth, Coleridge & Thelwall at Llyswen with Prof. Penny Corfield. Part of the hay Festival 2016

Rydym wrthi'n trafod a chynllunio gydag Amgueddfa Cas-gwent a'r cymunedau lleol. Ceir rhagor o newyddion am daith Coleridge yng Nghymru yng Nghas-gwent cyn bo hir.


Os ydych yn byw yn yr ardal ac yr hoffech helpu i drefnu ymateb / digwyddiad... cysylltwch!

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