Tidal energy

12th June, 2016

12 Fehefin, 2016

Starts | Dechrau: 09:00am

Ends | Diwedd: 10:00am

Mixed activity event

Digwyddiad gweithgarwch cymysg

Ramsey Sound

St Davids, SA62 6PY

renewable futures

We're visiting Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire to see the remote coastline where leading technology is in action, producing renewable energy. The turbines for this seabed tidal energy project were built locally in Pembroke Dock and the unit now produces equivalent power to the needs of the nearby town of St David's.



TEL has successfully installed a single DeltaStream electricity generation unit off the coast of Pembrokeshire at Ramsey Sound. The project is being used to demonstrate the capability of DeltaStream as a tidal stream generator and will provide evidence on how the device interacts with the environment around it.

During its deployment, the device will be connected to the local distribution network, allowing the electricity generated by it to contribute to the renewable energy targets of the Welsh Government.

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