Home making and abroad

20th June, 2016

20 Fehefin, 2016

Starts | Dechrau: 10:30am

Ends | Diwedd: 12:00pm

Mixed activity event

Digwyddiad gweithgarwch cymysg

Plas Brondanw

Llanfrothen LL48 6SW

Plas Brondanw

Coleridge in Wales Festival arrives at Plas Brondanw with members of the Chicago Institute of Art: http://www.artic.edu/

Plas Brondanw http://www.plasbrondanw.com/ was the home of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis who designed, built and developed Portmerion. The gardens at Plas Brondanw are the finest example of Sir Clough’s talent for creative landscape design.

This event provides a chance to see the domestic environs of the man who created Portmerion and find more about the project at Plas Brondanw that seeks to celebrate the work of Susan Williams-Ellis. Susan Williams-Ellis designed and manufactured the Portmerion Pottery, creations that are now cherished and admired all over the world.

We'll be finding out how Plas Brondanw seeks in the coming years, to support the vision of beauty, making and sharing which inspired her work.

The event will be followed by lunch at Portmerion.

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