Wrexham Community Choir

12th July, 2016

12 Orffennaf, 2016

Starts | Dechrau: 19:30pm

Ends | Diwedd: 21:30pm

Big sing

Fawr yn canu

Methodist Church

Regent Street, Wrexham, LL11 1RY

Big Sing

Come and join a community big sing with Wrexham's amazing community choir as the Coleridge in Wales festival hits town on the 80 day adventure around Wales.

Baritone Richard Parry (with the Coleridge in Wales journey) joins the Community Choir https://wxmchoir.wordpress.com/ for a night of singing, and stories. Richard specialises in helping people who don't think they can sing at all, to explore voice and singing in a fun and relaxed way, releasing energies that lead to really great singing.

Richard comes fresh from running a 'big sing' at this year's Llangollen International Festival http://www.refreshingvoice.co.uk/

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