Ancient Mariner's ship in Barry

18th May, 2016

18 Fai, 2016

All day

Trwy'r dydd



Y Barri

Barry, CF62 5QN


Y Dref Fwyaf yng Nghymru - Y Barri

The Coleridge in Wales festival journey arrives in Barry Docks - with an historic sailing ship.

Barry Town Council with local communities, schools and ABP Ports have come together to bring the ship of the Ancient Mariner from the great British adventure poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner to Barry.

Where: Barry Docks Waterfront, off Ffordd Y Mileniwm, (the road down to ASDA).

Tuesday 17th May
The ship arrives in the evening...

Wednesday 18th May

Schools visiting: 9.30am - 3.30pm

Public visiting: 5.00pm - 7.00pm

At 5.30pm Richard Parry, creative director of the Coleridge in Wales festival, will address zombies at the ship. Come along dressed as the un-dead!

Thursday 19th May
The ship departs very early in the morning.

What is it all about?
The ship of the Ancient Mariner sailed to the South Pole where, in the poem, the Mariner shoots an albatross. Because he has destroyed a beautiful, living thing the winds blow the ship to the Equator where the ship's crew all perish under the burning heat of the sun. The Mariner survives, and is given the ability to be a blessing to the natural world. He returns to the Bristol Channel to tell his story...

Melting icecaps - a cubic metre of ice on Barry Docks
On Barry Docks we will be placing a cubed meter of ice beside the ship. This ice block represents the melting polar icecaps of our planet. We'll be asking the question, what is the role of Wales's biggest town in creating a sustainable future for Wales? Come and see the ship, learn about the story, and see the melting ice cap.

The festival is a Welsh celebration of human spirit, imagination, creativity and community in the landscape of Wales.

Bydd taith Gwyl Coleridge yng Nghymru yn dod i'r Barri.

Rydym yn siarad a Chyngor Tref y Barri, cymunedau, ysgolion a'r Dociau, yn ein hymgais i ddod a llong yr Hen Longwr- yr Ancient Mariner yn y gerdd fyd-enwog, i mewn i'r Barri.

Os hoffech ymuno a'r paratoadau gogyfer y dathliad hwn, cysylltwch a ni!

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