Coleridge and the elusive imagination: clues and trails

6th May, 2016

6 Fai, 2016

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Darlith / Cynhadledd

Cambridge University

Clare College, CB2 1TL

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Coleridge: cliwiau a llwybrau

Coleridge and the elusive imagination: clues and trails
a conference in response to Coleridge in Wales

Clare College, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, Friday 6th May 2016, 9.30 am

Coleridge’s significance as a philosopher, theologian and public intellectual is often overlooked. He probably coined the words 'scientist’ and ‘psychosomatic’. Coleridge was the first Englishman to convey Kant and Post-Kantian thought to an Anglo-American audience. J.S. Mill considered all Victorians to be either followers of Bentham or Coleridge. Mill viewed himself as the former. Yet even Mill freely admitted his deep debts and obligations to Coleridge. A contemporary poet like Geoffrey Hill can invoke Coleridge as a seer of the ‘spiritual, Platonic old England’. In this one day workshop we shall explore Coleridge’s visionary thought as an inspiring and transformative resource for the contemporary world.

Philosophy and poetry are inextricably linked for Coleridge. Art is not merely ornamental for Coleridge. The symbolic opens up the depths of our being and through symbolism in the arts we can gain a grasp upon truths otherwise unattainable. Not only for the individual but also for society. Coleridge cites the biblical adage ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ (Proverbs 29.18). A society that is shaped by a narrow, mechanistic and Utilitarian scheme of thought will deteriorate and decline spiritually, even in the midst of material affluence.

The workshop responds to the 2016 Coleridge in Wales Festival. In 1794 Coleridge left Cambridge to walk around Wales. This summer's festival journey conducts and eighty day Wales-wide exploration of differing traditions of the vision of humanity articulated by Coleridge and their relevance today for landscape, cultures and communities in relation to the contemporary dominance of utilitarianism and materialism.

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(image: Burnt Poetry by Ivor Davies

Cynhadledd Prifysgol Caergrawnt ar y testun Coleridge and the elusive imagination: clues and trails

Cynhadledd a gynhelir yng Ngholeg Clare, Caergrawnt, mewn ymateb i wyl Coleridge yng Nghymru 2016.

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