Hand Knitted Socks

13th May, 2016

13 Fai, 2016

Starts | Dechrau: 10:00am

Ends | Diwedd: 10:30am

Cafe conversation

Sgwrs caffi

Yarn 'n Yarns

22 Cornerswell Rd, Penarth, CF64 2UZ


Yarn 'n Yarns

Festival founder Richard Parry calls into the local knitting shop in his home town to pick up a pair of socks knitted by Christine Yarn 'n Yarn's owner.

This collection of socks event marks the beginning of the Coleridge in Wales festival.

"The 80 day festival is all about hidden welsh treasure and relationship in communities" says Richard.

" I made a small, but significant decison last year - only to wear socks that have been made by somebody I know. So Christine has knitted me socks since then. It's a tiny token investment in something small that has been made locally and in local community. But it takes a long time - about 10 hours per pair! But I have learned how to darn socks now - and look forward to picking up a new pair for the festival journey around Wales."

Yarn 'n Yarns is a community knitting shop that has won a british knitting award.


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