Celebrating Coleridge in Tintern

24th May, 2016

24 Fai, 2016

Starts | Dechrau: 19:30pm

Ends | Diwedd: 21:00pm

Mixed activity event

Digwyddiad gweithgarwch cymysg

Tintern Village Hall

Tintern, NP16 6SE

£4 / £3 concessions



The event this evening is a multi-media portrait of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and is part of the Coleridge in Wales Festival organized by Annie Rainsbury, Curator of Chepstow Museum, to celebrate Coleridge’s epic 700 mile walk from Cambridge to Bristol via North Wales and the Wye Valley in 1794 for Chepstow, Tintern and Monmouth’s contribution to the 80 day Coleridge in Wales Festival around Wales.

Coleridge is of course one of the leading poets of the Romantic movement. What is less well known is his deep lifelong interest in philosophy, and his study of philosophy at the German University of Göttingen, and that he was one of the first British thinkers to introduce the revolutionary new philosophies of Kant, Fichte and Schelling to the UK. In the years following this experience he sought to integrate their ideas into his own thinking and art with his ideas about the creative imagination, and to pursue his metaphysical speculations concerning nature and human nature.

The presentation is devised and produced by members of the Tintern Philosophy Circle: John Clarke (ret. Professor in the history of ideas and writer on philosophy and intellectual history), Claire Hamilton (harpist, writer on Celtic mythology and spirituality, and teacher of creative writing), Steve Eddy (writer on education and lecturer in philosophy at Monmouth School), and Vanessa Dodd (theatre director and senior lecturer in literature and creative writing at the University of South Wales).

You are invited to join us after the presentation for a complimentary drink, and also to the Torchlight Tour of Tintern Abbey which Coleridge and his friends took on a later visit to Wales in 1995. Starts at 9.30 pm the same evening and is led by Dr David Robinson, architectural historian and author of the Tintern Abbey Guidebook. Tickets £7.50 on entry to the Abbey (or book in advance on 01291 625981 to be sure of a place)

Also as part of the Festival: Wednesday 25 May7.30 pm, Shire Hall Monmouth: Spin, Lies and Deception: Coleridge’s Triumph on Malta, talk by Barry Hough, Portsmouth University and author of works on Coleridge’s life on Malta in the Mediterranean war zone 1804-5, where he found friendship and employment as diplomat and administrator with Sir Alexander Ball, one of Nelson’s ‘Band of Brothers’. Tickets £4 from Monmouth Museum tel 01600 710630 and Chepstow Museum tel 01291 625981.

Presented by Professor John Clarke with Steve Eddy (reader), Claire Hamilton (harp) and Vanessa Dodd (visuals)

Tickets £4 / £3 concession in advance from Chepstow Museum tel 01291 625981 or the White Monk Cafe near Tintern Abbey.

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