Ancient Mariner's ship in Cardiff Bay

16th May, 2016

16 Fai, 2016

All day

Trwy'r dydd

Mixed activity event

Digwyddiad gweithgarwch cymysg

Mermaid Quay

Cardiff Bay, CF10 5AL


School visits

This historic ship is comes to Cardiff Bay. Schools have the opportunity to visit the ship. There is no charge for this activity.

School pupils can visit and board the vessel to experience life on the decks of a medieval sailing ship, and learn about the one of the greatest poems in the English language The Rime of The Ancient Mariner and its connection to Wales.

The ship represents our amazing human capacity to care for the natural world and each other, and challenges us to work together. It celebrates Wales’s leading role in world sustainability and the Welsh Government’s Future Generations vision.

This opportunity for schools is part of a summer Coleridge in Wales adventure that explores hidden Welsh treasure and celebrates local communities, imagination, spirit, landscape and hospitality.

To mark the ship’s arrival The National Museum of Wales in Cardiff are displaying engravings of ‘The Rime of The Ancient Mariner’ by the leading Welsh poet and artist David Jones. It is possible for schools to visit the National Museum and see these illustrations.

Educational themes for a visit to the ship include:
• a voyage to the south pole
• global warming and Wales’s vision for sustainable societies
• Coleridge’s poem ‘The Rime of The Ancient Mariner’
• South Wales, ports and the sea
• the albatross and endangered species

Educational resource packs will be available. For further information or to request to take part with your school please email or phone 07974 39 7771.

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